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Start Air Frying Like A Pro!

Our easy air fry guide will teach you tips, tricks and even help you purchase the right air fryer for you.

Air Fry Master

Air Fry Master teaches you all the ins-and-outs you need to know about air fryers and air fryer accessories. We show you how to purchase the best air fryer for you and how to use them to make delicious food. Of course, we also provide tons of quick and easy air fryer recipes to choose from!

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Air Fryer Guide For Beginners

This air fryer guide for beginners is your one-stop-shop for getting started with air frying like a pro. There are a lot of air frying beginners out there and we won’t try to tell you there isn’t a learning curve when you first start. But the good news is, it’s not a huge curve. With…

What Is An Air Fryer?

What is an air fryer anyway? Air fryers are countertop kitchen appliances whose purpose it is to make food crispy, similar to deep fried foods. But the main benefit of air fryers is that they achieve a crispy texture without using all the oil required of deep frying. We just want to mention that if…


Air Frying

Air fryers and air frying have really found their ground in main stream cooking. More and more people are turning to air fryers to make delicious snacks and meals for themselves and for their families. And it’s no wonder!

Air fryers provide much healthier options, even when making “junk food”, while still offering a crispy finish that most people associate with deep fried foods. But don’t stop at junk food or snacks! Air fryers can provide you with very healthy meals in half the time it takes to bake something in the oven or on the stove top!


Often, people purchase air fryers based on size due to the amount of space in their kitchen. But you should also consider what you’d like your air fryer to do. There are so many options! Here are some air fryers we like, organized by size (scroll to the bottom for examples of every size). Also check out our beginners guide to air frying to help you further narrow down which air fryer will be right for you.

Reasons To Buy An Air Fryer

Air Fryers Are Healthy

Air Fryers Are Healthy!

Cooking with an air fryer means cooking with less fat, even when you’re making junk food! Healthy meals are super easy to make in an air fryer and you still get great texture in your food.

Air fry steak, chicken, fish, vegetables and more with very minimal fats! Check out our recipes here.

Air Fryers Are Fast

Air Fryers Are Fast!

Air fryers typically cook in half the time of a conventional oven. But many meals can be made in minutes! Check out air fryer cooking times below to see what we mean.

From 1 minute to 1 hour, your air fryer is sure to cook faster than most appliances in your kitchen. Check out these air fryer cooking times!

Air Fryers Are Easy To Clean

Air Fryers Are Easy To Clean!

While each air fryer will vary in it’s ease of cleaning, air fryers help you cut down on dishes overall and are generally simple to clean with many non-stick and dishwasher-safe surfaces.

You won’t even mind the easy cleaning of some great accessories! These accessories take air frying to the next level.